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time flies by sooooo fast when i actually study. damn

please don’t use semicolons; most of you guys don’t even use them right.

schwartz the gsi. I’ll show you.




1. The Fold Over (Hammys)
Not much instruction needed for this one. Just refer to the picture (and come back tomorrow for the remaining stretches).

2. Cow Pose (Or Dog, you decide)
This is a favorite of Debby’s. It increases flexibility in her back, and strengthens her knee caps.  Once you’ve positioned yourself on your hands and knees, you simply breathe in while lifting your chest and head in unison with your derriere, pushing your belly toward the floor. As you exhale, return to a flat back. There. Try this one from the back row in a yoga class. You’ll thank us later.

3. Up Dog
You’ve heard of doggie, and down dog, well this stretch is its sister stretcher. When you need a good back stretch, do it up dog style. Lay flat on the floor on your stomach, place your hands by your low ribs and push up like you’re going to do a push up but leave your crotch hovering over the floor. Make sure your thighs are off the ground and your hands are firmly planted and that you’re looking straight ahead. Again, this is a good, back of the class stretch.

4. The Kitty Cat
The kitty is a predecessor to the cow pose. It is called a cat pose because of the arching of your back. Pull your naval toward your spine and look at your crotch in this one. And utter a little tiny cat sound of your choice.

5. The Crawl
This booty beauty stretch will help work out your kinks. Start this on all fours, and lower your front half to the mat keeping your booty in the air. Reaching out long in front of you, you may wish to claw at the floor as Michelle is demonstrating. Who knows, this may strengthen your grip?

6. The Quad Kicker
This stretch is not only good for your quads, it strengthens your back while on your knees - win-win. Begin this quad stretch, by getting on all fours. Now, look behind you, and as you attempt to kick, reach back and reach for your foot. Hi-ya! Now, switch sides.

7. The Adductor Stretcher
This is good for those muscles you need to clinch your legs together… to stay on the bike of course. With one foot on the floor, bend down and reach the opposite leg out to the side. Now reach around, and grabyour other hand behind your back. (You will have to have someone else feed you your beer in this pose.) Ah, this should feel incredible. Don’t forget to switch sides.

8. The Beggar
This stretch can assist you when asking for new, expensive bike parts, and/or jewelry.  Again, start on your knees. Reach both hands behind you and clasp them together tightly. This next part is key, fold at your waist and kiss the ground.


French Friend: well, the total cost of me going to Med school is about 406 a year -

American Friend: THOUSAND?

French Friend: Um, no. 406 Euro. It sounds a little high but it covers the cost of my textbooks, extra classes and most of my housing. How much is it for you?


bought to get a shitty grade on this assignment. dammit.

i did like a cool thing, but it was like not exactly what she wanted. so i’ll probably loose… 5 points? for a stunning grade of 66%. noice

lemme study really quick:

NHANES: national health and nutrition examination survey

NNMRRP: National Nutrition Monitoring and Related Research Program

NNMRRP: National Nutrition monitoring and Related Research Program


"and yes, it is way better than levi’s thing"

you know i love it when you’re loving me.